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    If you know anyone related to the sports industry who needs any kind of help, please give your details below. We are a non profit organisation aiming to help the sports industry during the time of the pandemic. Every lead given by you will be very valuable to our cause.

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

  • About US

    Reach, Enable, Build, Empower Life through Sports


    The Rebels Foundation is a 80 G certified non-profit organization headquartered in Bangalore, India. It is the foundation’s belief that children and adults from all walks of life should have access to the best sporting opportunities in an increasingly globalized society.


    The Rebels Foundation understands that the reason for children dropping out of sports is not only due to the lack of adequate resources and coaching, but also due to difficult circumstances such as dysfunctional homes, financial constraints, lack of parental support etc.


    The goal of the foundation is to make a difference to every child and anyone who is currently battling such hardships and use sports as a way to enrich their lives. We strive to provide such resources and opportunities to economically challenged individuals/teams to fulfill their sporting dreams.




    To utilise sports like football, cricket, hockey, basketball and many others as a vehicle to give strong support for children and to help discover their inner talent. The foundation will not only focus on grooming sporting talent in these children but also train them to be dependable and holistic citizens of tomorrow.

  • Vision

    To empower the next generation of sportsmen from economically challenged sections of society, while spreading the message of sporting fraternity and ambition.

  • TEAM

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    Kavya Ananth


    It has always been my dream to build this foundation where everyone can connect to a single goal. The foundation’s vision is to do all that we can to help and develop the underprivileged. To me sports, has the power to change the world and awaken hope in every individual. The Rebels Foundation aims to bring that hope in the life of every person that it reaches through its efforts. It is my firm belief that when you know what inspires you, you make that your purpose and grow. The foundation is that instrument which will enable children and make them grow in the fraternity of sports.

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    Preetham Chandra

    General Secretary

    Born in a country which is divided on a lot of plateaus there is a need for us to find a common point to come together and help each other grow. For me, I experienced this first hand in team sports. Every sport that I have played has helped me build a connection with a lot of peers and with it, has taught me important values that have made me what I am today. In the pursuit of giving a platform to everyone who do not have access to sports and the right infrastructure for them to excel, REBELS FOUNDATION will be helping kids to realise their dreams through sports. it will be my honour to work towards achieving our mission and vision with a dedicated team and make a difference in any way possible to make our future generation better.

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    Karun M A


    Sports has always been an important aspect of my life and i am really proud to be associated with this organisation since its empowering all individuals through sports,which i strongly believe is necessary in this society.Participation in sports develops important character traits and life long values which can have positive effectsbon everyone subjected to it.For the overall development of a growing individual's personality and skill, a healthy mind is required and a healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of the organization which can translate my passion of sports on the field to everyone that we are going to work with.

  • Our Collaborators

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    Department of Youth Empowerment & Sports

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    Sports authority of India

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    Football is the goal

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    Rebels FC

    Dare to Believe

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    Indian Education Society

    Knowledge is Power

  • What we do

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    Sports Scholarships

    Rebels Foundations empowers economically challenged children by providing them with the resources to pursue their sporting ambitions. Rebels Foundation works with government bodies, communities, schools, sports professionals and academies to provide sports scholarships for various sports.

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    Government School Partnerships

    Rebels Foundation has tied up with government schools to integrate sports for holistic development of children, thereby giving them the complete experience of a healthy and happy upbringing youth.

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    Rebels Football Scholarship Programme

    With more organisations looking to help the community, Rebels Foundations has found a similar commitment in its partner, RFC Football Academy. The Rebels Football Scholarship is offered to children with the passion and drive to pursue football

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    Mentoring Through Sports

    At Rebels Foundation, we believe that lessons are best taught through camaraderie and experience sharing. Mentorship enables the children to connect with their mentors as role models and provides them with a support system outside of their homes. We do our best to connect our volunteers, members and partners to the children by continuous engagement and rapport building activities.

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    On Going Community Engagement

    Through our school and partner network, Rebels Foundation aims to sensitise and involve the broader community in its cause for equality in individual development. Our partners help us reach out to the community through various events and initiatives.

  • Articles in Print Media

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    Rebels foundation lets kids aim for their goal


    Fifty children, all from underprivileged families, who have shown exceptional athletic ability, are currently receiving top notch football training. Why? These kids will be whittled down to 30 who are eligible for a football scholarship by the Rebels Foundation.

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    Sparking sports in the life of underprivileged kids

    Playo |

    Rebels, as the name goes by, is a stand apart from the ordinary, encouraging kids to take up sports as their life skill.

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    The earnest talent scouts of the underprivileged

    The Hindu

    Bengaluru has seen a rise in initiatives by individuals who believe that social mobility can be achieved through sports

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    RebelsFoundation Is Giving Life To The Underprivileged Athletes Of The Nation


    Children dropping out of sports is not only due to the lack of adequate resources and coaching, but also due to difficult circumstances such as dysfunctional homes, financial constraints, lack of parental support, etc

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    Football is medium of instruction here


    Rebelsfoundation recognised by Deccan Herald

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